Healthy Meals prep in Kingsport and the Tri-Cities

Ashlee Kizer

Its all about healthy foods

Serving Johnson City, Kingsport, Greeneville and Bristol, TN. No time for mealprep, then we are for you!

Home delivery service also...

For new Comers

A simple plan to follow

How to order?

Each Monday there will be a post with a menu that includes all the details you need. Costs, pick up times, etc...

Along with that post there is a link to a google form. This is the only way I take orders. If you know someone without facebook that would like to order I can send them this link and the link to the menu. It doesn't change, just updates week to week.

Email and Invoice

What is this email I receive or where is my invoice?

Have details about it

When ordering there is a question about how to send invoice. If you choose email then you will get an email with an attachment or "invitation" to a google document. This is simply to confirm I have your order correct and to let you know how much you owe. You cannot pay via this invoice. It is important to read over this invoice. This paper is how we pack your order each week. If it isn't correct you bag will not be filled correctly.

How do I Pay?

There are different payment options

1. Cash
2. PayPal
3. Venmo
4. Check